ANDVARI - Commission Management

According to Norse mythology, Andvari was the son of Oinn, a dwarf with the power to change himself into a pike who lived in the waterfall of Andwarafos and protected its hidden treasure. We gave this name to our commission management system since the commissions paid are a treasure for the organisation and their appropriate supervision is a must. With Andvari in place, Loki will not steal the guarded treasure.

Andvari is a system managing sellers and contracts where sellers are remunerated on a commission basis. The system imports the commission data from operating systems, aggregates them from the level of specific contracts to the level of a seller, group of sellers, region or director for the region.

With Andvari, the commissions payable are accepted on a periodic (e.g. monthly) basis and automatically posted, reports are generated automatically and real-time preview of the accrued commissions is available for all the relevant stakeholders: accounting, sales, regional directors and the sellers. The system is made up of two parts:

1. Seller and commission management module - module available to employees of the organisation's headquarters where all sellers' commissions are provided and payments may be approved or suspended, and postings and income tax documentation are generated.

2. Seller module - available to sellers and regional directors, includes data on a specific region or seller. Each seller is provided with real-time preview of their accrued or to-be-accrued commissions (e.g. for contracts that have not been posted yet); the module has also a benchmarking option showing the performance of each seller as compared to the average. The module also allows data to be updated.

At the end of the year Andvari automatically generates income tax documentation for each of the sellers in PDF format and electronically sends tax returns to the Tax Office in the name of the employer.

Like Xares, Andvari is a web-based application (developed in the Angular technology) available from the browser on both computers and mobile devices.

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Specific functionalities of the Andvari system:

1. seller management

a. Maintenance of the current seller database (the database features the name of the seller, their address, the data required for income tax purposes and making commission transfers, assigning to a dealer, region and head of region)
b. Reporting of incomplete/ inaccurate data or inactive sellers

2. commission management

a. Daily or real-time import of data on commissions
b. commission management - verification of the commissions accrued, suspending commissions
c. Reporting all suspended commissions
d. An adjustment option for commission
e. Defining competitions and competition management (registering sellers for competitions and the relevant management)
f. Monthly calculation of the tax / social security contributions due and generation of postings
g. Automatic monthly posting of commissions payable to each seller
h. An option to generate reports on the commissions paid/ accrued for the given period broken down into sellers, dealers, regions etc.
i. Automatic tax documentation generated at the end of the calendar year, tax return sent electronically to the Tax Office.
j. Archiving of the tax returns (data and PDFs)

3. seller communications

a. Ongoing updates of the commission data. The seller may log on and check the commission amount broken down into contracts as well as the commission status (accrued, approved, paid) and statistics (e.g. commission amount in the current month as compared to historical data, comparing against the average). The head of zone may preview the current data of the sellers they supervise (on a aggregate or detailed basis).
b. Registering for competitions (short-term commissions for selling specific goods/ services). Preview of the commissions accrued within the competition.
c. Verification of address data for tax or commission payment purposes (account number). Data verification with an option to automatically block the payment of the current commission unless the data are confirmed.
d. A possibility of expansion to an information portal for sellers with detailed data or sales instructions available to selected users only (log in required).

The system is built in the Angular technology and based on Microsoft SQL Server. Software required for correct operation of the system: MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or 2012, IIS 7.5 or 8.0. The user interface is available from the internet browser. The interface is responsive, working in browsers on both desktop and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).


Automatic settlement

The system automatically settles the commissions, calculates the applicable taxes and social security contributions and posts them to the accounting systems.


Simply displaying various commission types, data aggregation, reports.

Allocation Of Tasks

The system allocates various commission management tasks among Marketing/Sales, Accounting and HR.

High Technology

The system is developed in the Angular technology and based on the MS SQL Server.