We are passionate about collecting data from various source systems, their transformation and organising. We put them into previously defined structures, process and provide comprehensive reports for all departments. As we tend to say, we provide a "single version of truth" by reconciling data among various parts of the organisation.


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With integrated and reconciled data from various systems, each part of the company works based on the same values.

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With adequate data processing and aggregation even complex reports may be quickly loaded.

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Comprehensive reporting in the company, its departments and subsidiaries.

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Easy comparison to the rest of the market, competitors and your own company.

As a matter of fact, we specialise in data warehouses for financial institutions. We support the entire process of database creation and feeding as well as its future maintenance. Depending on the requirements, we support the following processes:

  • analysis of source systems and of the data they provide
  • design and performance of data extraction
  • design and performance of data structures, starting from databases supporting import and ending at data marts and cubes
  • providing comprehensive data history features
  • data integration (e.g. SSIS)
  • reconciliation of data from different source systems
  • generating reports from the warehouse structures as well as directly from other systems
  • interfaces with other systems

Depending on specific requirements, we can provide a full data warehouse and data integration or perform each of the above tasks separately. With our flexible approach, we can join in the process of database and data warehouse development, modification and maintenance at any time. Our experience lets us quickly examine the existing data structures and supplement or modify them, or to generate reports.

You are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to demonstrate our solutions.

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Benefits of large databeses: cross-cutting reports, agreed data.

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