Our database and warehouse software

We create software primarily for financial institutions. We specialise in the development of database applications , including data warehouses and repositories. Data warehouses are developed starting from structure design through ETL, data integration to reports to end users. We aim to eliminate various "versions of truth" and provide a coherent reporting covering the whole organization.


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We integrate and store data from different source system to access them homogeneously.

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We optimize time to load data warehouse and to query and report.

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We optimize time to load data warehouse and to query and report.

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We offer datawarehouse, small databases or reports directly from source systems.


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Budgeting Support

Budget forecasting and execution management. We estimate future flows on the basis of historical data and the parameters provided.

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Databases and Warehouses

We design, implement and manage data warehouses. From ETL through data structures to report creation. If you do not want a warehouse, we can offer comprehensive reports straight from the source systems.

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and reporting

Based on smaller or larger databases, that integrates data from different source systems, comprehensive reporting becomes simple and time efficient. Not an additional database? Then we integrate on report level !

In addition to applications and data warehouse, depending the requirements we develop and deliver reports based directly on local source systems. This allow us to integrate data on report level. Based on our knowledge and experience on the finance and banking area, we can dig up to the necessary data within source systems, and interpret them accordingly.

Black Box budget forecasting system, provides an analysis of current production and its impact on future movements, and also, on the basis of historical data and the given parameters, predicts future flows taking into account the various external factors (e.g. financing costs). The first calculations reach an over 95% level of forecast accuracy. Black Box is constantly being developed, adapted and optimized.

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