Management of IT projects

The development and implementation of applications, software or entire systems (warehouses, banking systems, etc.), depending on their level of sophistication, may require the involvement of many people and adherence to a set timetable. In the case of outsourced projects in particular, it is worth appointing a person who will be responsible for coordinating the work, liaising between the client and the contractor and overseeing compliance with deadlines. If you are therefore looking for a company that provides this type of service, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. This is because we have extensive experience in IT project management. We know how to deliver a project on time and how to divide the work among team members so that everyone is as efficient as possible. In addition to this, we can also be responsible for the exchange of information between those responsible for developing the application or software and the commissioning entity. This will allow the developers to concentrate 100 per cent on carrying out their core duties, while we take care of the rest.

Over time, we have been involved in IT projects such as:
- Building a new bank from scratch (choice of technology, requirements, compliance, supervision of implementation)
- liquidation of a commercial bank (closure of systems, data archiving, etc.)
- implementation of own data warehouses (from requirements, through architecture definition, to implementation) as well as other systems supporting the bank's work
- implementation of a wholesaler at the level of a global financial concern (project management for the Polish market, supervision of suppliers from many countries)

We conduct projects in Polish, English and German.



Development support

Our company specialises not only in IT project management. In addition, we provide also programming support. It consists of both comprehensive assistance and ad hoc support for specific assignments. For clients who decide to use our services, we can help with the design and implementation of dedicated applications, among other things. In addition, we are also involved in optimising and updating already released software. It is important to add that we can also take care of the security of specific applications by implementing appropriate solutions. If you are therefore interested in our offer, we invite you to take advantage of the services we provide.We provide assistance at almost every stage of the task, timely execution of the order and reliable and stable operation of the implemented solutions.

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